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History of the Green Team

The Green Team evolved from a series of initiatives to reduce energy consumption by our congregation. The first initiative was a fundraiser for the teens of the church. They sold energy saving devices in kits to members of the congregation. The initiative was led by Seven Generations Ahead, a not-for-profit organization that our church has supported. Read more »

Create a Prairie Garden to feed God's Creatures

At the synod's Green Event on Earth Day many congregations wanted to know how we created our Prairie Garden. The following are the directions. Contact for more information.

Choose a space of sun-filled lawn that measures 3 X 5 feet. Remove the sod. Purchase/request donations of the following prairie plants: Crimson Butterfly Weed; Blue Globe Thistle; Little Blue Stem Grass; Wild Petunia. Read more »

Receive a Green News Letter from the Synod

The Green Steward, is the quarterly newsletter of the Environmental Concerns Working Group of the Metro Chicago Synod, ELCA.

GET YOUR SUBSCRIPTION by adding yourself to the distribution list. Send a note with your e-mail address to Jim Schwab, chair of the Working Group, at They will also be happy to receive news or ideas from contributors.

The Best "Green" Website for Churches

The Synod and LSTC (our seminary) created a fantastic web site,, with many important ways to become better stewards of the earth. This web site is full of detailed documents and easy ways to change your own life and change your own planet. It's the place for you to learn how serious the Lutheran Church is about caring for our planet. David Rhoads, Professor, Author and Speaker said at the first Synod Green Event last fall, "caring for our creation is THE number one concern of the church today."

Water Drops

Flushing the toilet uses the same amount of water a person in a developing country uses for washing, cleaning, cooking, and drinking each day.

It takes more than a thousand drops of water to make one drop of coffee.

Producing one ton of beef requires 15,000 tons of water; producing one ton of grain requires 1,000 tons of water.

Try this Water Use Calculator!

Do you know how much water you and your family use?
Try these water footprint calculators.


PlanItGreen is offering an exciting opportunity to plan a more sustainable future for the communities of Oak Park and River Forest.  PlanItGreen, part of the OPRF Community Foundation's Communityworks initiative, is designed to engage community residents and stakeholder organizations in creating and realizing a vision for an environmentally sustainable Oak Park and River Forest.  Community participation is a fundamental part of the process and your completion of the survey will provide us with the community's priorities and ideas for a Green Oak Park and River Forest.  Seven Generations Ahead (SGA), one fo the lead consultants for PlanItGreen, receives funding annually from Good Shepherd.  GSLC members Gary Cuneen, Mark Ledogar and Warren King are all on the SGA Boar Read more »

Mission statement

To Connect the Actions of the Good Shepherd Community to the Stewardship of God's Creation

Easter sermon by Pastor Kathy North 2009

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