Automatic Donation Form

To set up a recurring automatic deduction from your bank account as a regular donation to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  Deductions can be weekly, monthly or twice a month.  Please fill out the form attached and return it to the church office (by mail, in the collection plate, or in the mailbox outside the church office) along with a check with "VOID" written across the front.  Your deductions will be active within a few days of turning in your form.  Contact the church office with questions.

HELPING HANDS SURVEY Offering time and talents as part of stewardship

HELPING HANDS SURVEY The Helping Hands survey is an opportunity for every adult, child or youth to indicate how you would be willing to offer your time and talents to support Good Shepherd’s ministries.  You’re just indicating your interests on the survey, not making commitments. Continue to use the YES sheet and SignUp Genius emails to sign up for specific activities. Read more »

Generosity Gatherings -- What We Learned

In the past few weeks, the Stewardship Committee hosted several gatherings to explore the topic of generosity. We learned many things about how generosity grows in us and what effect it has on the giver.

Some of us are taught from an early age by our parents to be generous and to give at church and Sunday school. Others of us didn’t experience that guidance, but learned about generosity through lessons at church or by seeing others who practiced generosity. Read more »

Pumpkins for Pledges!

The first day to bless Stewardship Pledge Cards is October 20th at the two worship services. When you bring your card, we will bless it AND give you a free pumpkin. (Families with children can take one pumpkin for each child!) The Stewardship Committee is thankful for every pledge that is made.

Stewardship Committee Mission

The mission of the Stewardship Committee is to help members develop their sense of Whole Life Stewardship. The committee's vision is to embrace the concept of First Fruits giving.





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