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World Hunger Offering


Students continue to gather funds to purchase farms through World Hunger as a part of the donation at the National Youth Gathering. You can help. Donate your dollars, coins and checks (or visit our online "store" to donate) to World Hunger. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase two entire farms, $1,430. The farms are given to communities so that they can break the cycle of poverty and begin the journey to providing a steady source of food for their families. Each farm includes:

  • A cow
  • a couple of goats
  • a dozen chicks
  • two pigs
  • farming tools
  • seeds
  • agricultural training and support

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Make a Memorial Donation


Use this to make a donation to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in memory of someone recently deceased.  You may change the dollar amount of the donation in your cart to any amount you desire.

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