6.14.20 Worship - Celebrating our Graduates!

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  • Congregational meeting moved to Monday, June 22nd at 7:00 p.m.

6.21.20 Worship - The Cost of Discipleship

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  • We celebrate Father's Day and the Baptism of Kyle Evan Karnchanaphati
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  • Congregational meeting is Monday, June 22nd at 7:00 p.m.

6.28.20 Worship - Cool Water to Parched Lips

  • This Sunday we will celebrate PRIDas a Diversity Forward congregation
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7.5.20 Worship - Our Burden is Light

  • This Sunday marks the return of Jazz Worship!
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March 22, 2020 Worship: What We Carry - Change

6.7.20 Trinity Sunday Worship

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  • Congregational Meeting June 15 at 7:30pm - email the church office for a link. 

Worship Schedule

Regular Worship - After Labor Day
8:00 a.m. Worship
9:10 a.m. Sunday School
for age 3 through adult
10:30 a.m. Worship (attended nursery available)
11:30 a.m. Fellowship Hour

Summer hours Memorial Day - Labor Day
Summer Worship: 9:30am

More worship details

4.19.20 We are All Thomas

  • Watch Worship on Facebook or YouTube - watch parties at 9am on Sunday - or on your own later 
  • Preacher Bishop Yehiel Curry
  • Give an offering 
  • Want to be a part of worship or want to include a prayer for next Sunday- contact Pastor Kathy

When to arrive

Most people arrive only a few minutes before worship. Pastor Kathy is found in the lobby 15 minutes before worship with a warm smile to greet you. Greeters and Ushers can help answer your questions.

We have two worship services, at 8:00am and 10:30am from Labor Day through Memorial Day. Summer worship is at 9:30am only. A time for coffee and conversation is found after the second worship service when there are two.

Good Shepherd PrayGround

Good Shepherd values our children! When we return to our renovated space, we will once again have a Prayground space front and center.

What's a "Prayground"? It's a dedicated space in our church where little ones (suggested for ages 5 and under) can play, color and explore. It's a space where they can see and hear the pastor and worship leaders clearly. And it's a place where the congregation can celebrate the joy that your child--wiggles, noises and all--brings to our congregation!

In the meantime, look for activity bags for children as well as a staffed nursery during our worship service at the First Baptist temporary location.


5.3.2020 Worship: The Lord is My Shepherd

Worship Content

The two worship services are very similar. At either one you'll experience most of the same music and hear the same sermon. Both share a tone of reverent informality. The 8:00 service tends to be a bit quieter and more meditative, the 10:30 service livelier (9:30 in summer). Children are welcome at both services, but you'll find more children at the later service.

Communion is offered every Sunday at both worship services. Every baptized Christian, from young children to adults, is welcome to receive communion.

In our worship, we seek to glorify God and inspire people. As we worship, we speak to God and about God using a variety of Biblical metaphors: father, mother, shepherd, rock, light, guide, and many more. Such language expands and deepens our relationship with God. And we speak of people using language that we hope includes and honors all human beings as equally beloved children of God.

Music in worship

Good Shepherd enjoys music! For leading congregational singing and providing special music we have two choirs - a senior choir and a gospel choir. There's also a contemporary worship band, Circle of Friends, that includes vocalists, keyboard, guitar, drums, tambourine, flute, harp, and even washboard to play jazz, rock, pop, rhythm and blues, country, swing, and more. In addition, members and friends of the congregation often volunteer as soloists and instrumentalists.

Celebrations in worship

From time to time, worship experiences might include a drama, dance, an opportunity for individual healing prayers, the celebration of a ministry, a baptism, reception of new members, farewell for someone leaving, or a special blessing extended to a person or group.

For some practical details about what to expect at worship, read our Visitor Information.

Attitudes Towards Differences: The Riddle Scale

Good Shepherd rests securely in the "Nurturance" section of the Riddle Scale when it comes to its welcoming stance towards GLBT people. We assume that diversity in sexual orientation within our community is indispensible. We view differences with genuine affection and delight and are advocates of those differences. See where you are on the attached Riddle Scale.

5.17.20 Worship - Not an Orphan

  • Worship on Facebook and YouTube, Watch Party at 9am Sunday
  • Preacher is Rev. Kerstin Hedlund
  • Make an offering using Paypal
  • May 27 Fundraiser: Order dinner from Eastgate Cafe

March 15 2020 Worship: What We Carry - Trust

  • YouTube link to the sermon
  • Donation Link
  • Yes Sheet: Please let us know if you are storing any Good Shepherd items. In May we will coordinate their return to our building.
  • Mini-Med for Children: See the attachment below. 

5.24.2020 Worship: Prayer for Us

5.31.20 Worship: Pentecost

  • Worship with us on Facebook or YouTube. Watch party at 9am on Facebook.
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Palm Sunday Worship

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