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Advent - Those Who Dream

As we near the end of 2020 we are as "Those Who Dream", preparing for God to enter our human history and dealing with the reality of disrupted life. Each Sunday's worship explores this theme in different ways. In addition to worship, explore the theme through a daily devotional found here. or by joining in the Wednesday zoom communion service. Call the office to get the link.

Worship Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who participated in the worship survey!  The feedback and suggestions were rich and thought-provoking; the Worship, Music and Arts Committee has already spent several hours pouring over them.  We appreciate the time people took to respond to the survey.  We received a wide variety of opinions, but several patterns emerged.  The most frequently cited meaningful worship experiences were the jazz services, traditional Easter service, Palm Sunday blues service, the Gospel service and having youth involved in the worship services.  Respondents also wish that youth are even more involved each week, that there are fewer sermons where we talk to each other in the pews, and that we make the variety of services easier for the congregation to foll Read more »

Meditation Chapel

Welcome to the Good Shepherd Meditation Chapel!  In response to the request to have more contemplative time in worship on any given Sunday, the balcony has been converted into a meditation chapel, a place for silence and stillness.  It's intended to provide an opportunity for solo meditation and stillness while still allowing participants the opportunity to feel part of the Sunday morning community.

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Join the choir! All are welcome

All who love to sing -- of all ages -- are invited to join the choir!  Even though we've begun rehearsing, you won't feel left out starting now.  Director of Music Jonathan Oblander will help you find your place . 

More information: The choir usually sings about 3 times a month at the 10:30 service.  Sunday morning rehearsals are at 10:00 AM; weekday rehearsals are routinely on Wednesdays from 7:30 - 9:00. You do not have to commit to the whole year. Come when you are available.

Advent is Right Around the Corner and ...

The Worship, Music and The Arts Committee has been busy planning an exciting Advent season!  There are a few special talents that we need:

1. Artists who can help create the cover for our Advent book, and images within the book

2. Anyone interested in helping to create the meditations or activities each day for the Advent book...ideally you would take 6 days (or one week)

3. Woodworking skills...we are looking to construct a manger and all that goes inside

4. Hanging of the Greens

5. Communion Bread and Wine....we would like family units to make and present them at the services throughout Advent and Epiphany...the bread and wine would have to be at Church the Saturday before. Read more »

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