One of the "out of the box" ideas from the 75th Anniversary committee is an attempt to open and remove an old safe that hasn't been opened or moved in decades, since we lost the combination. We knew it would be hard to accomplish, but not this hard....

A group gathered to move the safe to a different location where it could be cracked open or taken apart. Ouf-dah! It must weigh a ton - literally 2000 pounds - as it could barely be budged from its spot. Most certainly it could NOT go into the elevator and could likely damage the stairs if we got it that far.

Next a plasma saw was obtained - a torch that can cut through steel at a thickness of 2 inches. All chemicals and paper were removed from the closet. Welding masks and heavy gloves were donned. Alas, the safe was found to be at least 3 inches thick and was not breached.

Tune in later for more on this 75th Anniversary saga!