Communications Coordinator

Rosemary Dyson
(708) 848-4741

Rosemary spent much of her career at the ELCA working with The Lutheran Magazine and the Multicultural Unit. rosemary is inspired to apply her communications and multicultural training to benefit Good Shepherd's work to serve as a diverse congregation with strong partnerships in the surrounding community and the world. 

As news editor for the ELCA Lutheran Magazine, Rosemary researched, wrote and edited a wide range of original articles. While acting as Associate Executiive Director for the Division for Multicultural Ministries she was instrumental in creating curricula and marketing material on domestic, global cross-cultural and multiethnic topics. Rosemary received training in conflict mediation and experience in facilitating conflict resolution workshops with adults and youth. Rosemary planned and executed a wide array of events, training initiatives and special programs in support of global multi-cultural awareness and conflict mediation education for the ELCA. She has a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University in Journalism and Human Development. She also has Certification in Planning and Leading Diversity Workshops from the Kaleidoscope Institute and Mediation Skills Training from the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.