BRRM Update - April 2019

Bids Have Been Requested: Five construction firms were invited into the bidding process at the beginning of the month. While two firms dropped out of the process, the remaining three meet our constitutional obligations. The bids should be returned by April 24th. The BRRM Taskforce will look at the bids with the architect and make a recommendation to the Council. It is the Council’s obligation to vote on the recommendation and then formally bring the recommendation for a vote on May 5th.

Asbestos remediation: We have asbestos floor tiles in all but the main floor of the Fellowship Hall. We also have asbestos covering some of our water pipes. We are receiving bids for the work. The goal is to choose a firm this week and start the process. Permits alone could take two weeks.

Inside Experts: I continue to be amazed at the level of expertise in our congregation. What a blessing you are! As we move forward into the construction phase we will rely on inside expertise. These two are added to the talent found in the BRRM taskforce. Lars Bostrom has taken the lead in our process of overseeing the financial side of reconstruction as it pertains to recovering costs from the insurance company and funding costs from Good Shepherd funds. Lars has the ability to be present during the construction project to ensure good stewardship of our funds. He will partner with Dean Ennes who is a project manager for construction firms.

Money: Most people have now fulfilled their 2013 Capital Campaign pledge giving us a little over $250,000 for new improvements. Payments have been made to: PM Adjusting, LLC $4,198.37 (for their work on securing the $59,976.73), Talaske $4,550.00 for audio and acoustics consulting services, Nevin Hedlund $42,870.00 for services completed and Groth Design Group, $2,358.90 (for consultation on pews and nave design)

Nave: Mark Ledogar assembled an amazing team of people to look at various aspects affecting the sanctuary space.

  • Audio: Martha Wegener and Linda Bostrom are working with Talaske to determine these needs. Talaske took an audio map of the space which they will use to determine the audio design. Items to be considered: impact of seating, type and placement of speakers, impact of the nanowall and the well created behind the wall, impact of new organ, type and shape of ceiling in nave, use of room by everything from speakers to video to jazz musicians.
  • Seating: DiAne Boese is working with Groth to determine the best seating option. All options include a pew and seating configuration. All options retain our colonial style and color scheme.
  • Organ: Mary Scherer-Emunds is working with Triune Music and Berghaus Organ to determine the best instrument for our needs. The options are: restore the original pipe organ with Berghaus; purchase a hybrid pipe/digital organ with Triune; purchase a digital only pipe organ with Triune. Mary has organized listening tours for a group of members to help determine the best fit for our needs and funds.
  • Video: Mark Ledogar and Linda Bostrom are working with Talaske to determine these needs. Noting that worship is only 50% of the use of the space, this group is considering the needs for varying groups. There will be two video systems: a large screen with a projector on the nanowall to play movies and other visual displays for non-worship events; a series of smaller monitors to be used in worship events for the purpose of announcements and hymn numbers. Monitors are also considered for the narthex, vestibule, balcony, nursery and Fellowship Hall (to allow for over-flow worship). These additional monitors could be installed at a later date if necessary, while the cables would be installed during construction.
  • Appearance: Nola Roth convened a group to look at the visual aspect of the space, including sacred furniture and needs for banner placement.