BRRM Update - December

Insurance Claims: Good Shepherd has received a check from Guide One in the amount of $17,400 to cover six months of rental space at First Baptist Church.

PM Adjusting, our public adjuster who is helping us submit and settle our claim with our insurance company, has given us their reports for the property and personal property claims. The reports are being reviewed by the BRRM Taskforce and the Insurance Workgroup.

On December 9th at 11:45am, a congregational meeting will be held in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church in order to accept the claim and allow PM Adjusting to submit it to Guide One, our insurance company. A recap by category with depreciation is available on our website or on the bulletin board at First Baptist. The summary for the dwelling is as follows:

  • Replacement Cost Value:             $1,474,673.52
  • Depreciated Value:                          $387.736.67
  • Cash Value:                                  $1,086,936.85

The Cash Value is the amount that will be received as both Good Shepherd and Guide One agree upon the value of the claim. Depreciated value is the amount that is recoverable and received ONLY when each item is replaced or restored. It is the receipt from the company doing the restoration or replacement that is given to Guide One which will determine the amount of depreciated value which is recovered. For instance, the values of the flooring for the chancel (altar area) is:

  • Cash Value:                                    $6,283.69
  • Depreciated Value:                         $3,893.41
  • Replacement Cost Value:             $10,177.10

We will receive the cash value of $6,283.69 when we accept the claim from PM Adjusting and then Guide One accepts our claim. When new flooring is installed we will receive an invoice and submit that invoice to Guide One. The Replacement Cost Coverage of our insurance policy will then allow them to cut another check for the difference between the Cash Value received and the Actual Cost paid for replacement.

In addition to the cost of the building, we have a claim for the Personal Property that was lost or damaged in the fire. These items include such items as  office furniture, TVs, Bibles, paper and food in the refrigerator. The Replacement Cost of these items is $104,042.04.

ComEd Energy Efficiency program: Good Shepherd’s application for the program was approved. A team of engineers will now work with our architect to find solutions that lower our electricity usage. The incentive will only take place when we choose an option that is greater than what is required by code enforcement. They will be evaluating strategies for:

  1. Increasing wall insulation levels for the sanctuary space
  2. Replacing part of the roof over the classrooms to the left side
  3. Replacing 50% of the glazing in the sanctuary space
  4. New AC unit for the building, and replacing the boiler
  5. Evaluating the savings potential of a geothermal system.
  6. New lighting strategies for the building.

New Building Plan: Nevin Hedlund has met with the BRRM Taskforce to determine the general direction of the new plan for the building. The basement bathroom plans created by the former Renovation Task Force are being retained. New plans will include:

  • An at-grade level entrance with a three-stop elevator. (All people will enter the building at the ground level. Those needing assistance will find an elevator which can take them up or down as needed. All others will find stair cases going up or down.)
  • Enlarged narthex for expanded area for fellowship with a new wall between the narthex and sanctuary.
  • New seating arrangement in sanctuary and revised chancel area.
  • Handicap bathroom on the first floor.
  • Revised lower level to accommodate changes to the entrance on the south side.

While new plans have not yet been approved by the BRRM Taskforce, and therefore not ready for congregational approval, it is expected that the outer design prints will be available on December 9th at the Congregational Meeting.

611 Randolph:

  • Thank you to all who have returned their keys. There continue to be many keys out. Please return yours unless you have specifically been authorized to keep one.
  • Most damaged items have been removed from the building. Spencer Schattauer has been given responsibility under the guidance of Pastor Kathy and Rich Novak to remove the remaining items.
  • Insulation has been placed in the area damaged by fire and the thermostats have been turned to the minimum. The furnace is running but may need further repairs. These will be determined after the engineers from ComEd submit their study.
  • A snow removal company has been employed to clear sidewalks for the season.
  • It was determined that the fire alarm system was completely damaged by the fire and needs replacement. Bids for the task will be collected once the fire department determines code enforcement needs.