Fire Update - September 15

Pastor Kathy has spent lots of time shuttling between her two new offices. The two chairs on the porch at the front doors of Good Shepherd allows conversation outside of a building that is still filled with smoke. An office on the third floor of the west wing at First Baptist is turning into the office space for Good Shepherd staff.

The week has been filled with two activities: First, there have been lots of meetings with insurance adjusters. Last week we focused on remediation at the building, which is the process of getting all of the water out, boxing up things that need an ozone treatment to remove the smoke, and scrubbing the air of smoke. Except for the boxing, the rest is an ongoing process. The floors and ceilings are still showing signs of significant water. 

In addition, last week we hired a public adjuster to begin the arduous process of making notes of every item that was damaged, as well as documenting the extent of the fire. For instance, they have taken measurements of the water content in the sanctuary floor and produced a map with water percentages. They take these kinds of measurements throughout the building. These are adjusters who will advocate on our behalf with our insurance company. When I thanked Rob Hann last week in worship, it's because he has spent lots of hours with me learning about the details of the damage and the process going ahead. 

This week it was time talking with other insurance adjusters. First, Guide One, our insurance company sent out an adjuster to determine whether we were a large loss, which has a different adjuster. We are a large loss. Then it was working with Guide One for all of their people to document the fire and take the time to make those same measurements as our public adjuster. We were especially pleased when Guide One's adjuster gave a rave review to the adjusters we had hired, stating that they were thorough and trustworthy. Next it was the adjuster for the roofing contractor and representatives from Berghaus organs.

At First Baptist there were lots of visits and meetings. First, representatives of our council met with their governing body to discern the terms of an agreement between us that will allow our ministries to move to their location. While both church bodies want to make this work, we need clarity about details if we are to successfully navigate the next year together. 

Then there were countless trips to First Baptist: to move a few items, to get keys for the front door, to get a map of the building, to determine the flow of Jazz Prayer, to become familiar with the sound system, to determine how to use their huge sanctuary, to determine sign and greeter needs, to set up wi-fi, etc. A huge thank you goes out to Elaine, Mary Lee and Eric of First Baptist, as they have shown much patience and care with our myriad questions and interruptions.