Fire Update - September 22

Meetings with insurance adjusters have died down. This week’s big push has been making the 3rd floor space at First Baptist into an office for 4 staff people, which was a fairly large task. We resumed operations in our new office space and picked up regular ministries. We began to call our old building “GS South” and First Baptist “GS North”. People from both Good Shepherd and First Baptist worked to get  the internet up and running. Then phones, which are VOIP, were moved to the office. It took a day to get those up and running. The VOIP system allows us to keep our same phone number and move seamlessly. The copy machine was moved and brought online. Miraculously, it functioned as soon as it was connected, even though you can see the water spots all over the drawers for the paper. It took a day to realize that those beautiful windows also create a lot of heat, which might be good in winter but too hot on most days this week.

Desks and bookcases came from a variety of places, both within the church and from members. Soon we will have five designated workspaces, one for each staff person and a table for conferencing, counters and assembling bulletins. It was great to have Lynell Ahlstrom collating the bulletins in the office after printing everything on our own printer. Some boxes with files were brought from the church and from the boxes in Pastor Kathy’s garage. More will be coming next week. Sturdy signage was placed on all of the doors at GS South stating that there was a fire and entrance to the building was prohibited. 

Deaconess Debbie and Pastor Kathy were able to deliver “sheep” cupcakes to the fire personnel at the Euclid Fire Station. It was a great surprise to them because they usually leave a scene only seeing the sadness and shock on the faces of those whose building they have been to. Our smiling faces and boxes of cupcakes reminded them about the good work that they provide.

There were again many meetings and conversations with people regarding the fire, insurance and rebuilding.  Most people tell us to expect that it may take until December before we have an agreed settlement figure from the insurance company. Permits for the rebuilding will also take months, if we are ready with a plan in January. Rebuilding might begin in March. We continue to prepare for being away for 8 to 12 months.