Fire Update - September 6

Wednesday, around lunch time, a fire took place in our church building that resulted in significant damage. I praise God that no one was injured. The church is not habitable as it is damaged with water and smoke throughout, but the structure is still sound. The rough estimate is that repairs will take us into 2019.

I am thankful that no one was hurt, that the fire department responded quickly, and that we have a responsive insurance company and possible fire restoration company. I am particularly grateful that the Council and church leaders have already stepped into action.

As a congregation ministering to each other and our greater community, I want to make sure that we continue worship together and work together to rebuild our house of worship. I am in conversation with church partners to move our worship, Sunday School and meeting space until we can be back in our church. Please check here for updates.

May God bless you always,
Pastor Kathy Nolte