BRRM Update - February



Nevin Hedlund is working with several other firms to create the mechanical drawings that are needed to create an RFP and bids from contractors. He expects to be completed by the end of February so that the bidding process can move forward. The cost for this service is estimated at $61,950. Plans for the addition have been submitted to the Historic Commission for approval. Pastor Kathy joined Nevin at the meeting to justify choices made.

Mark Ledogar has a plan for determining answers regarding the sanctuary space. He has spoken with a Sound Engineer (Talaske) and a Liturgical Consultant. Focus groups will help make a recommendation regarding the organ and sanctuary seating.

Rambusch in New York, the company that created our art-glass windows, has been contacted to determine the price to create extra panes for our “history” window. The hope is to move the “history” window into the interior space in the rebuild.

We are required to install a sprinkler system in the building to bring it up to code. This will be covered by insurance.


We learned that the lift needs a battery to be tested. The lift company can’t work on the mechanics unless we have a current village permit. The permit we were issued in March would be valid 6 months beyond September. However, we don’t have a copy of that one and they won’t give us a duplicate unless the lift can be working. Catch 22 in action.


The rebuild just became real when we received a check for $1,081, 385.47. Thank you to Dan Feirtag who organized everything needed to open a new account with the ELCA Mission Investment Fund (MIF). Thanks to Rob Hann and Troy Koch who helped figure things out and completed paper work. Thanks to Gerry and Sue Olson who took everything the ELCA headquarters.

$77503.72 was paid by the insurance company to Restore Restoration for their mitigation work and storing of our items.

We paid PM Adjusting $75,871.98, which represents 7% of the Actual Cash Value.

We have begun the process of pre-applying for a loan through MIF to be ready for us if/when needed.

We have replacement cost coverage. We still have over $300,000 to recover once we replace items. We also have a claim for over $110,000 to cover books, furniture and miscellaneous personal items.


There was a large turn-out for the Healing Our Earth committee (Previously Green Team). They will be working this year with the parkway garden to both remove the taller plantings, as well as create an edible garden in the space. The Edible Garden group is temporarily parking their truck on our property and will remove the truck when construction begins.


Neighbors on East, Randolph and Wesley will be invited to a brunch where they might see the extent of the damage and plans for the rebuild. They will be the ones affected by the noise and heavy traffic once the project begins.