It's Not Too Late to Take the Helping Hands Survey

Two years ago, we launched the Helping Hands survey and now it’s time to update it.  The survey tells us what you like to do and the ways you’d be willing to share your gifts with Good Shepherd.  You’re not making a commitment – just expressing an interest in the different opportunities. Just click here to complete the survey online:  Helping Hands

This isn’t just for adults!  We have special questions for children and another set for youth.  So parents, please help your kids fill out the survey either at church or at home.

What’s the information used for?  Council members and committee chairs receive the results to let them know who to approach for various opportunities.  In addition, anyone else looking for volunteers can receive a list of the people who expressed an interest in helping in their specific area.  We ask that you continue to sign up for things on the YES sheet or other sign-up sheets as Helping Hands is only a general expression of interest.

Note: newer members who recently filled out the Helping Hands survey don’t need to do it again – we’re saving your answers.