Christmas Gifts with a Purpose

ELCA Disaster Fund: Give towards a variety of causes from wildfires in California and migrant children walking to the USA, to natural disasters around the world.  

ELCA Good Gifts: Support projects within the ELCA and its many ministry partners around the world. Projects include agriculture, women & children, and healthcare among other things. 

ELCA Leadership Fund: The rising crisis of student loan debt negatively impacts the ability of students to enter seminary, particularly students of color. This fund grants small congregations a greater pool of pastors. 

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois: LSSI is the largest statewide social service provider, serving almost 50,000 people across Illinois last year. They are a major provider of in-patient mental health care.

Lutheran Child and Family Services: Largest provider of foster and adoption services in Illinois. 1859 children passed through their foster system and 245 were adopted last year.

Lutheran Volunteer Corps: This agency places 140 volunteers in thirteen different cities in the US to work for social justice with various nonprofit organizations. These young adults live simply on a small stipend. Several of Good Shepherd members are LVC alums.

Thrivent Members: Thrivent will match up to $250,000 in personal donations made through to specific disaster relief organizations helping with the recovery efforts.