Lutherans Stand Up for Immigrants

Good Shepherd works with PASO and AMMPARO

Whether it is Bishop Eaton, Bishop Miller, youth at the National Gathering or countless other individuals, Lutherans are standing up for immigrants. All affirm the concern for the wellbeing of vulnerable migrants who cross our borders fleeing from danger and threats to their lives. Good Shepherd continues to move forward on this issue as they work with both PASO and AMMPARO. Here are some suggestions on what you can do:

PRAY: Pray for the safety of migrants. Your pray stirs both your heart and God's.


CALL YOUR ELECTIVE OFFICIALS (202-224-3121): Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth need to know that you support their efforts to help immigrants. They have staff specialists on immigrantion.

JOIN PASO: This local group is very active in our area.