Create a Prairie Garden to feed God's Creatures

At the synod's Green Event on Earth Day many congregations wanted to know how we created our Prairie Garden. The following are the directions.

Choose a space of sun-filled lawn that measures 3 X 5 feet. Remove the sod. Purchase/request donations of the following prairie plants: Crimson Butterfly Weed; Blue Globe Thistle; Little Blue Stem Grass; Wild Petunia.

All are available online at WWW.PRAIRIENURSERY.COM. Plant in threes to create a natural effect. The plants listed grow to three feet. The wild petunia is smaller (18 inches) and is good for the border. Enjoy the butterflies and birds that visit. Each year add more native plants……. Make more prairie spaces…….. Educate the church and the neighborhood by example! Once you get started, it becomes easier and easier every year to maintain your property/grounds -- less mowing and watering; more wildlife and soil improvement.