History of the Green Team

The Green Team evolved from a series of initiatives to reduce energy consumption by our congregation. The first initiative was a fundraiser for the teens of the church. They sold energy saving devices in kits to members of the congregation. The initiative was led by Seven Generations Ahead, a not-for-profit organization that our church has supported.

This initiative introduced many members of our congregation to the compact florescent bulb. The second initiative was to replace as many incandescent bulbs in the church with compact florescent bulbs. We were beginning to ‘see the light’. We then proceeded to re-program our thermostats. We set the winter temperatures as low as we could during the times the church was unoccupied (we checked the requirements for the piano and the organ). These initiatives saved the church $1400 in the first year (2003). Since that time both gas and electric costs have risen even higher.

We have other activities in progress – including the continuing expansion of our prairie garden.