Exodus - Walking with God towards the Promise

Dive more deeply into the story of the Israelite tribe as they flee the oppression of the Pharaoh, cross the Red Sea and learn to follow God in their walk to the promised land.  The book of the Exodus has spurred the imagination of spiritual people on their journey through difficult terrain, whether physical or social. It resonates with our year-long journey away from the fire and towards a new way of doing ministry in a renovated and modernized building.

  • Lent 1: Freedom - running away and running towards
  • Lent 2: Life and Death - power in the water
  • Lent 3: Living Water - alive with God's Spirit
  • Lent 4: Manna - eating with angels
  • Lent 5: Rocks - It's not heavy, it's God
  • Lent 6: Salvation - the battle isn't ours alone