Meditation Chapel

Welcome to the Good Shepherd Meditation Chapel!  In response to the request to have more contemplative time in worship on any given Sunday, the balcony has been converted into a meditation chapel, a place for silence and stillness.  It's intended to provide an opportunity for solo meditation and stillness while still allowing participants the opportunity to feel part of the Sunday morning community.


Anyone who is seeking silence and stillness is welcome at any time when the building is open, including during worship.  People may choose to use this space in a variety of ways โ€“ prayer, silent reflection, observing worship โ€“ all of which is appropriate because they respect other's silence and stillness. Conversations, "play time", sleeping and listening to loud music among any other activities, which may be disruptive to others, is discouraged.


Use of the balcony for the Meditation Chapel is a pilot program and will be reviewed this spring to determine if it is the most effective use of the balcony space.  In addition, the Meditation Chapel is an evolving space which can be adapted to respond to the needs and preferences of those who use it - so your feedback is welcome. Questions and comments should be shared with Lynn Railsback, Mark Ledogar or Pastor Kathy.