Worship Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who participated in the worship survey!  The feedback and suggestions were rich and thought-provoking; the Worship, Music and Arts Committee has already spent several hours pouring over them.  We appreciate the time people took to respond to the survey.  We received a wide variety of opinions, but several patterns emerged.  The most frequently cited meaningful worship experiences were the jazz services, traditional Easter service, Palm Sunday blues service, the Gospel service and having youth involved in the worship services.  Respondents also wish that youth are even more involved each week, that there are fewer sermons where we talk to each other in the pews, and that we make the variety of services easier for the congregation to follow so people can worship more and worry less about what is coming next.  We also received multiple comments about straying too far from traditional Lutheran liturgy, the length of the service and announcements.  The accompanying chart shows the styles of worship favored by the respondents.  More detailed summaries of the survey results are available on the members-only section of the website.  What’s next?  After its initial review of the responses, the Worship, Music and Arts Committee developed a list of questions and ideas to address and will begin tackling them over the summer.