Council Contact Information and Bios

Church Council President

Troy Koch

Along with my wife and two children, I have been a member of Good Shepherd since February 2011. My father-in-law is Rev. Neal Boese, a retired Lutheran pastor and consultant in the area of church growth. With decades of experience as an executive in the life science and healthcare field I have led corporate and non-profit employers, government agencies, and union groups in the areas of:

• Strategic planning and team culture evolution
• Market evaluation and new product development
• Sales and account team development and training support
• Managed markets marketing and channel strategy
• Subject matter expertise in managed care, pharmacy benefit management, and the impact of healthcare reform
• Pharmacy benefit manager vendor evaluation and contract procurement, negotiation, and audit

Church Council Vice President & Personnel Chair

William Campbell

My life's purpose is "Oneness".  I believe that we all have more commonalities than differences.  By capitalizing and leveraging our commonalities, we can live out a shared vision. I am a powerful and creative leader, trainer and coach, and have supported people in a variety of business environments, from the manufacturing floor to the boardroom. I have been a Learning and Development leader for over eight years, and have been an operations manager for over ten years.  I'm known for being open, approachable and insightful. I am an expert at helping others establish and utilize connections in a meaningful way.

I have a passion for photography, a poet's soul and a deep and sincere love affair with music.  I ride motorcycles and have no problems jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!  I believe that we are the sum of our experiences - so why not experience as much as possible!

I'm fortunate enough to have the love and support of my wife, Kellie, and my three sons - Evan, Liam and Duncan, who keep me on my toes (and I wouldn't have it any other way... but don't tell them!)  


Church Council Member

Carrie Cook

I joined Good Shepherd 3 years ago with my husband Carson and two children Cortez and Maxwell. My former employment as a social worker greatly informs my extensive volunteer work, with Good Shepherd, New Moms, Hephziban, Oak Park Women's Guild and others. 

Church Treasurer

Jossy Gelpi

I have always felt God’s presence in difficult situations.  For me, trusting God is obvious.  It goes back to my childhood.  When I think about going to church, my memory goes back to when I was a little girl.  Every Sunday, my mother dressed me with a beautiful dress for going to church and I always entered holding my father’s hand. My mother was evangelical and my father was Catholic; both had very clear that God loves us all. They always were very particular on teaching me that God is looking for souls and not any particular church. They taught me that with God and faith, you will never be alone. Through the ups and downs of life, that has always been true for me.

Church Council Member

Rose Mabwa

I work with The Community Builders, a non-profit realestate developer that builds and sustains strong communities where people of all incomes can achieve their full potential. Previously, I was with Mercy Housing and ShoreBank. As a member of Good Shepherd since 2005, my areas of interest are in Social Ministry, Christian Education and music. My work with United Power for Action and Justice is in the area of housing development and criminal justice reform. 

Church Council Member

E.J. Roginic

I joined Good Shepherd in 2014 with my parents, Rich and Jane Novak, ans sisters Becca and Lauren, I am a life-long Lutheran and am currently involved in Vacation Bible School, Women's Spirituality and retreats. At Urbanest Living I wear many hats, including office manager, human resources, and product development. My husband, Nick, and I have a dog named The Dread Pirate Robers (Wesley for short). In our off hours we enjoy board games and finding new beer to enjoy.