About Us

At Good Shepherd, we value diversity. Our mission statement, in its brief form, says it well: Embracing the diversity of God's creation and celebrating our oneness in Christ. We embrace diversity by welcoming all people regardless of race, nationality, marital status, family composition, sexual orientation, gender-identity, socioeconomic status, or physical ability. In embracing diversity we seek to be a bridge of understanding among people, to live in the creative tension of differences, to be a blessing to a community and a world where dialogue, understanding and collaboration among diverse people is needed.

We celebrate our oneness in Christ by recognizing that it is Jesus' embrace that comes to us and holds us together. And that embrace is broad. Any relationship with the God we know in Jesus Christ grows throughout a life-long journey of seeking, deepening, questioning, praying, serving, learning, caring. Both faith and doubt are part of the journey in this dance of life-giving relationship.

A warm and caring place, Good Shepherd is noted for

  • A friendly, welcoming atmosphere
  • Vibrant Worship with musical variety
  • Social Ministry and Social Justice
  • Spirituality

As a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Good Shepherd is part of a church body comprised of almost five million members in more than ten thousand congregations throughout the U.S. We share in ministry with Evangelical Lutheran churches throughout the world. And we partner with a variety of Christians, Jews and Muslims for social ministry and social justice.

Other ELCA organizations include Lutheran Social Services, disaster relief, prison ministries, immigrant and refugee services, hospitals, nursing homes, camps and retreat centers, schools, colleges and seminaries.