Jazz Prayer: Night Trails

Friday, October 20, 2017 - 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Breath, wind, vapor, spirit are ways to describe the elusive Divine enlivening our days and nights.  Surround yourself with music and word that reach up into the rising threads of dusky light as they seek to return to the source of all light. October’s Jazz Prayer, Night Trails of the Spirit features Nardis by Niles Davis and Cast your Fate (faith) to the Wind by Vince Guarldi. Music begins at 7:30pm on October 20th.  Doors open at 7:10pm with refreshments served.  Come join us for a celebration of music in the context of meditation and prayer. Doors open with refreshments at 7:10pm. Read more »

Reformation Festival Worship

Sunday, October 29, 2017 - 10:30am

The 500th Anniversary is a special occasionin the Lutheran church. We sing ancient hymns based on Luther's German Mass at the 8:00am worship service. Then 7 students make an affirmation of faith in the midst of spirit-filled, festival worship at 10:30am. Bach's Cantata 79 "God the Lord is Sun and Shield", forms the basis of our worship. Stay to celebrate together with refreshments provided by the 7th and 8th grade families. Join Us!

Lutheran Swag Day with Potluck

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 8:00am - 10:30am

"Swag" isn't a term used on a regular basis in Lutheran settings because we focus on humility. The term is associated with an attitude of pride. The term is also used to indicate promotional items received. In this sense we are having a day to gather those items that are Lutheran Swag - shirts, hats, coffee cups with a Luther Rose. Bowling shirts, quilts or socks with Lutheran sayings. October 15 we bring our Lutheran Swag to show our pride during this 500th Anniversary year. Bring a lunch dish to share after the 10:30a worship service so that we can share stories of our Lutheran Pride.

Update Helping Hands Survey and Win!

Two years ago, we launched the Helping Hands survey and now it’s time to update it.  The survey tells us what you like to do and the ways you’d be willing to share your gifts with Good Shepherd.  You’re not making a commitment – just expressing an interest in the different opportunities. 

And Win!  We’ll be raffling off gift certificates to The Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor to everyone who completes a survey.

Just click here to complete the survey online:  Helping Hands Read more »

Hurricane Disaster Relief

It is estimated that 850,000 people were displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Sixty percent of the people in Florida were affected by Hurricane Irma. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were destroyed. While the water is beginning to recede in some areas, the devastation will last for many years. There are many wonderful agencies that need your money and are involved in the relief and restoration effort. Lutheran Disaster relief is an agency that will be there for the long haul. As a secondary responder they stay active for years helping people through the many stages towards renewed life. Give now. Give generously. Give here. 


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